Securitization Audit:
- Infinity has been reviewed and meets the RMBS third party due diligence standards set by all major credit rating agencies. With state of the art technology hosted in a SOC 2 SOC 3 environment, Infinity paints an accurate and a reliable picture of the assets.
- Through Quality underwriting and sophisticated data analytical tools, Infinity will do a thorough review of servicing files, delinquency analysis, borrower correspondence and many others in determining the hygiene of the asset pool.
Distressed Asset Review:
- When investing in seasoned assets you need a detailed in depth analysis to make an informed decision. Infinity provides customized solutions to support your investing decisions and management of distressed assets. Our Scalable Solutions include:
  • Regulatory Compliance review
  • Servicing Comments review
  • Payment History review
  • Collateral review
Performing/ Re-performing Asset Review:
- Infinity will underwrite loans as per the applicable guidelines, we will perform a full compliance, payment history and/ or servicing comment review, if applicable. We also validate the current value of the underlying collateral, review any outstanding liens, if applicable, capture or validate all tape data. Performing loans need analytical mortgage due diligence reviews to capitalize on investment opportunities.
Post Close QC:
- Using Infinity’s Sophisticated Audit software's our auditors will determine whether the loan file meets all applicable guidelines including but not limited to set forth by: FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, USDA , RHS, FHLB or any other private investor .
- Typical Audit will include:
  • Random and targeted file selection using statistical, fixed, and discretionary protocols.
  • A file documentation review.
  • A compliance review.
  • An underwriting review.
  • A desk appraisal review.
  • Re-verification of file documents generated by third-parties.
  • A data integrity review.
  • Obtain a field appraisal review, as applicable.
  • Summarize findings into a Credit Risk Analysis.
  • A unique summary report for each audited loan file.
  • Summary and detailed management reports that provide a comprehensive overview of all audits with current and historical trend analysis.
Pre Fund QC:
- Pre Funding QC are done to identify issues with a pending loan transaction, that need to be cured before closing. We at Infinity understand that the timing for such review is critical and hence we offer 24 – 48 hour turn time for the completion and return of audit results, Our Pre Funding QC Process includes:
  • Analysis of income and debt to ensure that the underwriters calculations of Debt and income are accurate.
  • A complete underwriting review of credit guidelines.
  • Analysis of any other investor specific over lays.
Nationwide Title Searches:
  • Owners and Encumbrance Report /Current Owner Search.
  • Two Owner Search
  • Full Search.
Nationwide Tax Service:
  • Loan Delinquency reports : We provide the list of all properties we search, with taxing authority information, tax identification number and the amount of past-due taxes, fully indexed to each delinquent loan. Delinquent notices which can be mailed to borrowers HOA.
  • Reminders to the delinquent borrowers.
  • Tax payment / verification reports including tax sales certificate.
  • Risk Management Reporting, including a Severity Report to track items eligible for tax sale.
  • Non Escrow Life of loan Tax Tracking.
Originator Operational Review:
- Infinity conducts reviews of originators process and policies and production to understand their ability to cope with regulatory and investor guidelines. Infinity also assists new originators set up relevant policies and procedures to meet leading industry practices and federal guidelines. With experience spanning from setting up correspondent lender networks to establishing new conduit programs to assessing internal originator efficiency, Infinity’s team of seasoned professionals can provide valuable insight into origination operations.
GSE Direct Issuer Mock Audit:
- If you are looking to become a direct issuer with the GSE’s, Infinity with its extensive experience can help you establish relevant policies and procedures to meet GSE guideline. Infinity also assists you in setting up relevant agency required quality control measures, help improve processes, help in evaluating underwriting and credit guidelines and conduct mock audits to ensure a smooth approval process.
MSR Sales and Acquisition Review:
- If you are an MSR owner looking to sell your rights or looking to acquire MSR rights, Infinity can help you mitigate risks and give you a in depth perspective to make informed business decision, infinity will review:
  • Servicing and delinquency advance reconciliation
  • Vendor payment reconciliation
  • Custodial account review and reconciliation
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement compliance
- Default Review
  • Modifications
  • Liquidations
  • Foreclosure and Bankruptcy practices
  • Compliance
- Repurchase risk analysis
- Servicing practice assessment / gap analysis
- Investor Reporting review and analysis
Servicer operational Oversight:
- Infinity’s monthly surveillance (Oversight) begins with determining the sample size and population of loans for review. Loan reviews can be performed on a statistically relevant sample of loans to identify risk across the broader population. Another approach is to base the review on adverse selection using loan-level data points to identify those with the highest risk. Infinity provides recommendations for the sampling factors based on our understanding of high risk characteristics
- Infinity also performs pointed reviews on various aspects of servicing that align with varying corporate objectives, government regulations and/or investor mandates.  Using these resources and in cooperation with the client, Infinity can create comprehensive audit testing scripts to defined samples of loans.  Servicing audits will encompass all areas of servicing including on-boarding, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, loan modification processing, REO and investor reporting functions. Infinity will:
  • Develop policies and procedures related to Master Servicer or Servicer oversight of servicers and sub-servicers for Agency/GSE and private servicing
  • Conduct Annual onsite reviews and exception follow up
  • Prepare Policy/Procedure/Compliance Review
  • Reporting validation
  • Loan Level Testing
  • Cash Flow Validation (follow the cash)
  • Custodial/cash account reconciliation review
  • Operational Management and Staff Interviews, Process Walkthroughs
Infinity Staffing Solutions:
- As you know, over years the mortgage industry is unlike most business lines, with extreme expansion to massive reductions of staff based on the industry needs. Infinity can assist companies in providing individuals during these stressful times. We can alleviate the burden on your HR department and management with the interview, onboarding and termination processes that are overly time consuming.

  • Infinity provides temporary and full-time mortgage staffing solutions to lenders, investors, servicers and issuers. With over 15 years of mortgage expertise in recruiting and staffing, it provides us with an advantage that ensures optimal and professional placements for your organization’s needs.

  • We have developed a national network of qualified and tested mortgage professionals that have to go through a thorough interview process and be completely vetted.

  • We work with mortgage professionals across the entire spectrum of mortgage types and are continually adding additional top qualified candidates nationwide.

  • We also work directly with our clients and manage the staff that is either on site or remote to ensure that the individuals are the right fit for your organization.