Loan Quality Control

Post Close QC

Using Infinity’s sophisticated audit software, our auditors will determine whether a loan meets all applicable guidelines including those set forth by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA , FHLB or a private investor.

Typical audits will include:

Random and targeted file selection using statistical, fixed, and discretionary protocols
File documentation review
Compliance review
Underwriting review
Appraisal desk review
Re-verification of file documents generated by third-parties
Data integrity review
Obtaining a field appraisal review, as applicable
Summarized findings into a credit risk analysis
Summary report for each audited loan file

Summary and detailed management reports will provide a comprehensive overview of all loans reviewed; with current and historical trend analysis.

Pre-Funding QC

Pre-Funding QC is done to identify issues with a pending loan transaction that need to be cured prior to closing. We at Infinity understand that the timing for such review is critical, and we offer 24 to 48-hour turnaround time for the completion and return of audit results.

Our Pre-Funding QC Process includes:

Analysis of income and debt to ensure that underwriting calculations are accurate
A complete underwriting review to credit guidelines
Analysis and identification of any investor specific over lays